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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

Making a DifferenceMaking a DifferenceMaking a Difference
Sage a 4 year old boy who is volunteering with horse waters
Have you been wanting to get a horse?

Horsemanship Program

At SAHR, we dont just rescue and re-home horses, we also run a youth program with our rescued horses. This program connects with our equine rescue & rehabilitation to teach how we rehabilitate the rescue horses, and show them helping the horses can give them value, purpose, and connections they won't find elsewhere.

Children visit the ranch as part of their education, working in a natural outdoor setting to develop loyalty, trust, leadership, patience, responsibility and teamwork. They will engage fully in the barn management practices, equine health and first aid, and the relationship with the horse. 

All three of these branches of the youth program will develop not only a rider, but a true horse-person that understands the horse, the ranch, and the work ethic skills it takes to be part of a community.

We strive to create a family within a barn for the animals and the people involved. Both our children and horses will develop their connections among each other, creating a society based on trust. Children who would not have the opportunity to interact with each other in normal school or social settings will come together to help the barn run efficiently and create lasting relationships. Here no one is passed over or given up on, not student or horse. We work with both to find themselves and hopefully each other. As we have discovered, horses help us find our fullest potential.

Horsemanship Program costs go directly to the rescue animals needs.  

$150 a month (ages 11-adult)

$175 a month (ages 6-10 years old)


How about I want more one on one with my child, teen or myself? 

Individual Horsemanship Program is once a week for 1.5 hours at $30 a class. 

What do we learn other then what is mentioned above? 

-Ground work

-How to load a horse in a trailer 

-How to properly halter a horse

-Proper tack care

-How to tack a horse up

-Horseback riding

-We may even schedule field trips to horse shows

-Attend Farrier visits 

-Watch dentals and other vet care 

-How to bathe a horse 

Come join our team and sponsor a horse while doing it! 

This program is built to educate the public not only about horse rehabilitation, but to create better horsemanship while creating bonds and friendships. Horsemanship  will help future horse owners better understand their equines to help reduce horses being placed in bad situations.